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CLASSIC 2.0: SAVIORS Start - 20 November
The legend that started it all! A free-to-play version
truly retail, unique experience, official platform.
Charm   CLASSIC 2.0  
Today we have great news.. A new chapter will begin on MW!
Our team has prepared for you Charm x4, a unique project based on Classic 2.0 Saviors patch, running on L2OFF Platform.
2020-09-10 at 11:55
Charm x4
Charm x4
EXP: x4
SP: x4
Adena: x3
Drop: x2
Spoil: x2
Quest: x2
Raid Bosses: x1
Hardcore as you know it! Remember the time you paid your own sweat and blood for EXP, every death had an impact and a new level became an event.

Become the best and be glorified! Get your place in the list of top 100 players with the highest level and everyone will bow their head before you. Literally.

What is your mission? Choose your team role. Tank, support or damage dealer — each of them is a basic role directly related to a class and every player is indispensable.

Dwarfs are in high demand! This is the only race capable of crafting the best equipment and spoiling rare resources. No matter whether you kill enemies or build the economics you are welcome.